Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Notre Dame Wide Receiver Michael Floyd Pays his dues ...

Michael Floyd spent the last three months preparing for college football training with Performance Athletix and performance enhancement specialist Ted Johnson. Using the DNA Protocol, the results he achieved are nothing short of amazing! Michael had a net weight gain of 17lbs. He increased his bodyweight from 203lbs. to 220lbs. . Believe it or not, his bodyfat decreased as he gained weight. At a bodyweight of 203lbs., his bodyfat was 8.2%, at a bodyweight of 220lbs., his bodyfat was 6.4%! He weighed a WHOPPING 6.4kgs underwater. The most important variable I look for is (AT%VO2) Anaerobic Threshold as a percentage of ones VO2MAX test. Michael 's went from 77% to over 80% . Overall, he was able to increase his VO2MAX to 54ml/kg/min up form 50.3... remarkable. What you are watching is an excerpt of his exit VO2MAX Test. We start filming at the 10 minute mark.

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